• Latisha Grady

    The Rainmaker's Assistant

    I help Rainmakers solve marketing and administrative problems so they can scale and make more rain.

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    As a seasoned administrative and marketing assistant, I collectively bring over 10 years experience serving physicians, medical researchers, department heads, real estate brokers, and, most recently, online entrepreneurs and start-ups.


    Titles I've held are administrative assistant, research coordinator, bookkeeper, SEO content marketer, digital marketer, and virtual assistant.


    I use multiple-skills, creativity, and entrepreneurial instincts to execute upon specific marketing or administrative tasks assigned.


    What makes me stand out as an assistant? My personal entrepreneurial experience.


    From 2004-2007, I was self-employed as a multi-family investment sales consultant. I closed $6M transactions within this period (price point $250K- $2M). 2012-2013, I co-founded a natural hair start-up company.


    These entrepreneurial experiences give me the soft leadership skills and instincts necessary to assist Rainmakers at an above average level--i.e., able to anticipate the nuanced needs of entrepreneurs or top level executives.


    My super-powers are perseverance and forgiveness.


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    The Administrator

    For 7 years, I assisted physicians, a department CFO, and medical researchers at The Emory Clinic and Emory University's School of Medicine. As grant and research coordinator, I wore many hats. I recruited study participants, managed study calendar, coordinated tasks with key team members, concierged patients, and ensured compliance with current federal regulations.

    The Digital Marketer

    Since 2016, I've served as a freelance virtual marketing assistant to online entrepreneurs, start-ups, and a local real estate broker. I'm experienced in content creation and SEO link building strategy (e.g., HARO pitches, directories, etc.) For example, see:

    Also, I am experienced with email marketing funnels (e.g., DRIP workflows), webinar set-up, Facebook ad set-up, WordPress web-page builder, and all other tasks associated with being an virtual executive assistant (e.g., email management, correspondence, research, etc.)

    The CopyWriter

    Since 2016, I've served as a freelance copywriter for self-sourced & agency clients.

    Writing Sample 1

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    Writing Sample 3

    How to Content (Video)

    The Leader

    What makes me unique as an assistant? I'm a salesman of good ideas. And, I understand effective sales is about authentically meeting the needs of people, first. The best sales people are leaders. Whether operating as an entrepreneur or employee, I've demonstrated leadership skills. From stepping up to take one for the team in order to get a real estate deal closed, to pitching and persuading the CEO of my company to do a fundraiser and become a sponsor for a charity I was passionate about (2011), leadership is part of my DNA. I'm confident this character trait will enable me to serve any client or employer with heart and at an above average level.

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    tribeOs | ExponentialU

    "1--I love how seriously you hold the ball when it's in your court.

    2--I love that you understand even a fraction of the ultra-complex work we are doing and how quickly you are learning.

    3--We'll always have problems so it's a huge relief that we are ready for them and you won't fall apart when we need you most.

    4--I'm learning to allow others to represent me to all my top contacts. You're making that easy.

    5--I love that you love new things and are taking quick action."


    "Latisha Grady is a focused and dedicated problem solver. We are particularly appreciative of her success in solving a technical interface issue between our website and new regional MLS software in the summer of 2016. She remained upbeat and undeterred until all of it worked correctly...we were in awe."


    Former CEO

    Prommis Solutions

    “I had the pleasure of working with Latisha on our Back on My Feet social responsibility initiative while at Prommis. I was very impressed that Latisha took the initiative, brought this compelling project to senior management and then, when we said, “ok,” she took the bull by the horns and ran the project for the entire company. Latisha has a bright future and is a great example of how success is really all about getting stuff done.”

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